Awaken your soul



Our yoga shalas are the perfect backdrop to any yoga class, whether you chose a challenging vinyasa style class or restorative meditation. Feel the breeze caress your skin as you gaze out over the jungle and beyond to the ocean. With hardwood floors, 360 degree views, our shalas will allow you to be in connection with your own, and those who are around you.


Beachfront Yoga shala

Facing the sunrise, the magical beachfront yoga studio at Amansala Grande fits up to 23 mats and overlooks our stunning turquoise beach. Here you will enjoy the soothing sounds of gentle waves, swaying palm trees and fresh, cleansing salt air.


chica yoga shala

Facing the setting sun, this large yoga room is at Amansala Chica fits up to 55 mats and overlooks the deep green jungle of Tulum. Airy with plenty of natural light - our guests love doing their asanas to the soundtrack of jungle birds and gently swaying palm trees.


grande yoga shala #2

Our largest yoga studio at Amansala Grande has a souring 30 ft palapa ceiling and fits up to 65 mats. Perfect for anytime of the day… located between the beach and the jungle — you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.