+ How do I get to and from the airport?

We can arrange ground transportation for you, through a reliable and comfortable service that we have been using for some time now.

The cost of transportation to or from the airport and Amansala is $135 each way. We do our best to coordinate for guests to share when possible, in which case the rate would go down to $70 per person based on 2, and $60 based on 3.

We will do our best to match you up with anyone else arriving the same time you do to share the ride and share the cost. If you have prepaid your transportation and wind up sharing you will have a credit for the difference upon arrival.If you have not paid in advance you will need to bring cash to pay for the service upon arrival at reception.

● Private Car: $135

If shared the prices break as follows:

● Ground Transportation 2 people – $70 per person
● Ground Transportation 3 people – $60 per person
● Ground Transportation 4 people – $50 per person
● Ground Transportation 5 people – $45 per person
● Ground Transportation 6 – 8 people – $40 per person

It takes about 80 minutes to get you from the airport to your home here at Amansala.

There is an additional charge of $20/each for all pick ups from the Cancun hotel zone. Pick ups from Playa del Carmen are subject to the same rates listed above.

We will do our best to coordinate multiple passengers for all arrivals. However due to varying arrival times and flight delays, we can not always be 100% certain you will share even if we have it scheduled that way, but do do our best.

We ask that you pay for transportation in cash upon arrival at Amansala if you have not prepaid and that you look for the “Amansala” sign after you exit the customs terminal. We use safe reliable car services that have been working with us for over 10 years.

+ Where will I be able to find the driver?

You will find the driver as you exit and he will be holding a sign that will say Amansala. If you have any problems locating your driver you can also email us at this address. Most flights come into terminal 3, with the exception of domestic flights. If you come out of Terminal 2, just head straight out, but if you come to 3 you can migrate towards the little restaurant as you walk out towards the right called Margaritaville to find him easier.

+ Where is Amansala?

Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico Located approximately 2 hrs south on the coast from Cancun

+ When is check-in & check-out?

We aim to be as flexible as possible. The first group activity begins at 4:00 pm on the first day, although guests will be arriving throughout the day according to the flight schedule from their area. Most guests depart mid-morning to catch mid afternoon flights on the last day.

● Official check-in is 1:00 PM
● Official check-out is 12:00 PM

We do our best to have your room ready for you when you arrive and you are always welcome to relax on the beach or in the restaurant area for as long as you need to.

+ What kind of food does Amansala offer?

Our motto is moderation not deprivation. We serve lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fresh local fish and chicken. Our meal plan is based on the philosophy of “from the earth to your plate”, so we avoid preservatives and processed foods. Bikini Boot Camp meals are low calorie (but not too low), high fiber, full of valuable nutrients and lots of flavor.

The kitchen is open all day and can prepare you a healthy snack whenever necessary. We can also accommodate vegetarian requests. See our Dining page for sample menus.

+ Are additional spa treatments available?

Yes. You can pre-book additional massages and/or facials when you book your room or a retreat.

Additional massages, facials or reflexology will be $85 per hour. You can upgrade one of your included massages in your retreat package to a Mayan Healing session for $45.

12 hours notice is required on all spa services cancellations including, but not limited to: massages and facials.

Any spa service cancelled or postponed with less than 12 hours notice will be subject to the following conditions:

● Included massages – if forfeited, may be rescheduled with a $30 per service rescheduling fee.
● Pre-booked services are subject to a $30 per service cancellation fee.
● Pre booked and prepaid massages will be subject to a $30 per service cancellation fee. Prepaid balance, minus the $30 per service cancellation fee, can be used towards the following incidentals only: alcohol, gift store items, additional spa services and phone calls.

There are no reimbursements on pre-booked and prepaid massages. Our spa therapists turn down other work and travel far to get to us, so we appreciate your understanding of the situation. The $30 per service cancellation fee is what we have to pay them in order to cover their lose of business and time.

+ Do I have to be a part of a retreat to stay at Amansala?

Our program is running frequently throughout the month, weekly during high season and at least 3 times during the lower season. The people that come to the program are health conscious, well travelled people from all over the world that often come alone but by the 2nd day have a new group of friends to share the rest of the week with.

If you participate in the program you will be nourished with 3 delicious healthy meals daily, move your body with fitness and dance classes, and restore your body with yoga and pilates. We have world class trainers in fitness and yoga as well as some of the best therapists in the area. Our program will send you back looking and feeling better than when you arrived with a glow that lasts long after your sun tan has faded. We hope to hear back from you soon.

We also offer tours to local highlights which allows you to explore the area with the group and visit some of the most beautiful places in Tulum as well as the important archeological sites.

If you choose to participate in the group you will quickly find community on your travels and converse with all types of people, be inspired and leave feeling lighter in mind body and spirit. However, if you choose not to participate in the program we do offer room only bookings with continental breakfast included. Reservations are limited so please check for availability via our website.

+ Will it be mandatory to participate in activities during the retreat?

This is your vacation, and while we encourage everyone to participate in everything, if you decide to opt out of any activity, it is totally up to you.

+ Are the retreats for the solo-traveler?

YES! it is a great option for a solo vacation. Meals are served communal and you can be as social or as private as you like. Most of our guests make friends and keep in touch with each other and are completely comfortable being on their own. This is also a very safe place to travel as a solo women.

+ Do you provide alcohol and coffee?

Yes, we provide both alcohol and caffeine. Our motto in moderation, not deprivation and this is your holiday. If you have specific goals, such as giving up caffeine, we can work with you on this during your stay. If you are looking for a margarita, we make a mean one!

However, alcohol is not included in your stay.

+ Do you provide internet access?

We do have wireless available at an extra cost of $20 (cash only) for the duration of your stay.

+ Will I have cell service at the beach?

Usually, although it depends upon your carrier, it is best to check directly with your provider prior to arrival. The connection is not always the best from the beach, but you should be able to find connection somewhere on the property.

+ Will I need money once at Amansala?

We ask that you pay in cash (US$ or pesos) for all incidentals (ie: extra spa services, gratuity, etc) and transportation costs. There are ATMs in town should you need additional cash once you arrive. We also accept traveler’s cheques, although cash is much more readily accepted in the area.

+ Are there shopping areas near Amansala?

Tulum pueblo has a few charming shops, but is not known for its shopping or nightlife. Playa del Carmen is a 45 minute drive north of Amansala, and makes for a nice day trip if you are interested in shopping.

+ Will I need to rent a car?

No. We take you to most of the interesting sites in the area as part of the programs. We can arrange additional day trips for you to Playa del Carmen, etc. if you are interested, for an additional charge. Taxis are readily available as well. Most of our guests choose to just stay at Amansala, as it is so relaxing. If you do decide to rent a car, direction to Amansala can be found on the Directions page.

+ Will I need a passport?

Yes. If you do not have a valid passport please speak with your airline carrier in advance or contact the Embassy for additional info.

+ Do you have pets?

Yes, we have four lovable white labs. They love all the guests and make everyone feel at home here!

+ What is the average age for your guests?

Our guests range in age as well as fitness levels. On average, our guests are between 33-48, but we get many 20 somethings and have guests up to 78 years of age. As long as you are young at heart, we would love to have you join us!

+ Are all meals included?

Lunch on arrival day is not included however we have a special lunch & fresh drink available for $15 should you arrive for lunch. There will be one dinner that is not included which is a night to go out and explore Tulum a bit. Should you choose to dine with us, this meal is not included and will have a charge of $25.

+ Do you charge tax?

Yes, all charges incurred at the hotel are subject to 12% and all individual bills must be settled at check out.

+ Are tips included?

There is a base gratuity your teacher has collected from you which is $12 per person for your retreat and meals. For anything purchased outside of the retreat, gratuity has not been included and is at your discretion. If you feel the staff merits a little extra, that is up to you, and at your discretion.

+ Are coffee, juices and smoothies available?

In the morning, brewed coffee and tea is served, at no cost. Every meal is served with a delicious fresh juice or flavored water of the day. Smoothies, juices and other drinks along with espresso margaritas, wine, beer, can be ordered at any- time, and placed on your bill, and taken care of at the time of check out.

+ Do you provide yoga mats?

We do provide yoga mats, but you are welcome to bring your own as well

+ How do I pay for extras?

Each guest, even if sharing a room will have their own individual tabs and any extra charges will be placed on your room to the guest, and can be paid for at check out, with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Cash.

+ Do you allow outside alcohol and food?

We do not allow outside alcohol or food. If you have a special occasion and have a bottle please ask at the restaurant and there will be a $25 corkage fee. We ask you not to leave food in your room that is not sealed, as it can attract the local wildlife.

+ Can I use US Dollars? Are there any ATMS?

Most restaurants and stores will take US dollars. You will not get the best exchange rate. Most places will NOT take Credit Cards. Cash is best and there are several ATM machines located in Tulum by international banks. We do not recommend using the smaller ATM’s not associated with an of cial bank.

+ Do you need a passport?

Yes. Make sure to double check that your passport is not expired or expiring.

+ Is there a grocery store near?

There is a large market and pharmacy with just about everything one may need about a 15 minute bike ride from us or 5 minute taxi ride.

+ Is there a English-speaking doctor available on-site to make house calls at the beach?

There is a reliable English speaking doctor who can make house calls for a charge of $80, if anyone should require medical assistance.

+ Are there safes in the rooms?

Yes, every room has a computer size safe in their room which are recommended to use for valuables. We are not responsible for valuables. DO not bring valuables like expensive jewelry, watches, diamond earrings or anything of that nature to Tulum. You will not be needing any of it!

+ Do you have housekeeping service?

We do have daily housekeeping service to keep your room fresh and beautiful.

+ Do you provide beach towels?

Yes, we provide you with a beach towels, however, we do not change them out daily so you are asked to hold on to them for a few days, which means you have to bring them back from beach.

+ Do you have refrigerators in the rooms?

No. If you have specific food items or medicine that needs to be refrigerated, we have space available in our refrigerator in the kitchen.

+ Are shampoo, conditioner and soap provided?

Yes, we provide a local honey based Mayan selection of amenities. Great gifts to bring home from our boutique.

+ Is there laundry service?

No, we do not offer this services as the local laundry services have a manana attitude which may result in your clothes not being ready when it is time to go home.

+ Do you have electricity 24/7?

Normally, yes. However, being we are we are off the grid, there are times when we may lose power for a short time.

+ Do I need a special converter for my electronics?

All outlets are standard US wattage.

+ Do you have computers for guests to use?

No, we do not have a computer for guest use.

+ Can I bring my hairdryer?

No, we run on solar power and the surge from a hair dryer can blow our systems.

+ Do you have a gym?

We have large workout rooms and yoga shalas, but we do not have a gym.

+ What is the weather like in Tulum, over my dates?

We recommend checking out Weather.com for detailed information regarding the weather.