Bikini Bootcamp

Freedom…freedom of choice. We often forget we have this amazing gift called freedom what allows us to make the choices that are best for us. How we take care of our bodies, what food we put in our mouths, whether we make time to fit in a workout or don’t. It all comes back to freedom.

Freedom to decide who you surround yourself with, what you read, what you watch, what kind of personal surroundings you live in. Each decision leads us to the next moment in our life. So celebrate by committing to making choices that will leave you feeling good inside, physically, mentally and spiritually. Ask yourself what kind of body do I want to live in? What kind of people do I want to surround myself with? What kind of setting do I want to live in? Ask yourself am I doing something that brings me joy and  if I could do anything, what would it be?  Sometimes we forget about this very important word – freedom. Remind yourself that you are free to design your life and to make the right choices that support your personal vision.

You know where to find us, happy,  healthy and free here at Amansala!

Come visit us at Bikini Bootcamp for a healthy holiday with a purpose that will send you home looking and feeling better.

Bikini Bootcamp is tune up for the mind, body and spirit. It is an adventurous fitness and yoga holiday that will send you home looking and feeling better than when you arrived.

Our program is designed to help guests reconnect to themselves and nature through a combination of exercise, healthy eating, adventure, yoga, relaxation and pampering.

Check out a sample Itinerary here…

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  1. Deborah Tamulis
    Deborah Tamulis says:

    Hello Melissa:

    I was wondering if you still have your beachfront villa available for rent over Christmas break?
    Please let me know if it can accommodate 4 people and how much it would cost. There would be two (2) of us that would like to participate in Bikini bootcamp.

    Thank you kindly,



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