How Spending Time Alone Rejuvenates and Enhances Your Life


How often do you set aside time to hang out with yourself? It might sound like a silly suggestion—even a bit unsociable—but there are incredible benefits that come with allowing yourself to enjoy some alone time. 

From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we experience a remarkable amount of influence from the people around us. Even when we think we are ‘alone’, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook takes us away from focusing on being truly present with ourselves. 

So what can a bit of true ‘me-time’ do for you?

Spending time alone allows you to focus your energy inwards. For many of us, our daily lives have us constantly interacting with others and putting our awareness outwards. This limits the opportunities we have to give attention to our own thoughts and opinions without being inundated by external influences. Alone time allows you to connect with yourself and find out who you are.

By bringing your focus inwards, you are able to reflect on your own thoughts, wants, and needs, and decide what you are craving in your life—or even just in that moment! You might find that you need a moment to get lost in a good book or an interesting podcast. Maybe you need to get moving and go for a peaceful walk, where you get to decide for yourself which path you take. You may have some frustrations or problems you need to work through by journaling or meditating. Maybe you’ve even been looking for a way to explore your creative side. Whatever it is that you need in your life, alone time gives you the opportunity to explore, discover, and act in a way that best serves you. 

Regardless of how you spend your ‘me-time’, you are giving yourself a moment to relax and recharge. As we go through our day, we can constantly find ourselves going into certain ‘modes’. At work, you are likely in your professional mode. When you are meeting someone new, you may find yourself putting on a polite mode. You may even find yourself fitting into a certain mode when you are with friends. Being alone allows you to let go of expectations, and find comfort and relaxation in simply being who you are. 

In addition to recharging, spending time with yourself can give you an incredible creative boost—and there is research to back it up. Give yourself the opportunity to see where your mind takes you when you are in solitude. You may be surprised by the ideas that come up!  

It is also incredibly beneficial for increasing your self-esteem. It is so important to enjoy being in the company of yourself, and by learning to be comfortable with simply who you are, you can increase your confidence. 

You might feel a sense of selfishness from dedicating time to yourself, particularly if you are in a position of taking care of others. When people need you, giving yourself half an hour to read a book or go for a walk may sound trivial. However, by making your needs a priority, you become better equipped to be there for the people that need you. You deserve the benefits that independent time can give, so give yourself permission to focus in and hang out with yourself!

Sebastian Eby