lead a retreat with none of the hassle

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is a way we allow inspirational yoga, pilates or fitness teachers to join in our already existing wellness retreats as a guest teacher. At Amansala we run year-round 6-night retreats focused on fitness, yoga, nutrition, meditation, and adventure. If you have something to contribute in these areas and believe you have a following that would sign up for a retreat you were co-hosting, we want to work with you!

Get paid to do what you love


Step 1

LET US KNOW what you teach.


Step 2

CONFIRM you believe you have enough of an online presence or following to get 5 people to sign up for the retreat.


step 3

SELECT dates with us.

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Step 4

MARKET online or to your client base


step 5

5. WE PROVIDE YOU an easy to use link that can be shared via social media, email campaigns, on your website or anywhere else for people to sign up.

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Step 6.

WE PAY YOU per person and we have a variety of prices ranging from shared rooms to deluxe beachfront and pay between $200 and $300 per person that signs up from your marketing

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Step 7.

WITH 4 OR MORE SIGN UPS WE PROVIDE YOU with 400 usd to use towards a plane ticket.

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Step 8

WE PROVIDE YOU a simple but private room for one and all meals which are delicious and healthy plus group tours.

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step 9

You PROMOTE YOUR RETREAT on SOCIAL MEDIA and Hopefully, it works out for both of us and we make this an annual or semi-annual retreat and grow our businesses together.

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Step 10

BUILD COMMUNITY and make some new friends…

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To be a co-leader of the retreat.

(Depending on what you teach, the schedule may vary)

You would be part of our fitness/yoga program where we would schedule you to teach, usually once a day, as well as lead some morning walks, and act as a general host with the group and share your wisdom and expertise as it fits best the needs of the group.

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Perfect place…

To connect with your students and and be inspired by other teachers..


Come to Paradise…

To practice and share what you love while getting paid to do this!